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Digital Content Consultant

Blaire's Bio

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Blaire Knight-Graves behind the Scenes at The Driehaus Fashion Awards
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I make content on the internet accessible and easier to use. I lead my work with empathy and strongly believe usability equals accessibility. Currently, I project manage and support web work for institutions of higher education. I conduct user journey mapping, competitive research and informal focus group research to make informed content strategy decisions with accessibility in mind.

My journey as a communications professional has lead me to become a:

  • Digital accessibility specialist and advocate

  • Junior user experience (UX) writer

  • Content strategist

In my career I have also been a:

  • Social media aficionado

  • Video producer / script writer

  •  Audio producer

  •  Copywriter

I began my career in branded video, television, broadcast commercials and documentary filmmaking under HARPO (Oprah Winfrey Show) and The View television executive producers. I had the opportunity to learn narrative best practices and strategy under this team, and honed those skills as I continued my career in video production. In my free time I became a digital creator and wrote pop culture critical analysis opinion pieces and ran social media for three fully funded digital publications, including running live-tweeting Twitter events that saw as many 300,000 participants and trended worldwide four times. I took these skills to start working in-house at advertising agencies and brands, and after working on web teams became interested in user experience and accessibility as I learned from my leadership team and began to tackle projects with accessibility and user experience goals in mind.

My experience is wide and varied and includes: broadcast advertising, social media, written content for the web, search engine optimization, copyediting, blogging, documentary film, behind the scenes content, live sporting event video capture, event and nightlife video capture, short films, reality television, radio advertising, podcasting, email marketing, higher education marketing, WCAG 2.1 and (digital) Section 508 best practices and user experience.

I have had the privilege of being the creative or strategic lead on digital content, websites, video, social media and content strategy projects for a slew of brands I'm passionate about, including: The University of Maine System, DePaul University, AT&T, Nielsen, AIG, Medieval Times, Pyrex, OLFA Cutting Tools, Corelle, Navy Pier Chicago, GO Airport, Hilton Hotel brands and others.

Need some help with an upcoming project or rebrand? Contact me. I'd love to offer my expertise.